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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) allows businesses to enact positive change which helps build trust, raise awareness, and encourage social change. Sustainable business practices are being pursued and promoted by the largest, most profitable companies in the world. Many small and medium enterprises still think that sustainability is only relevant to large corporations; but CSR is important and effective for businesses of any size. Small and medium enterprises account for 99 percent of all businesses which makes them accountable for most employment creation and private sector gross domestic product in our economy. That's a lot of clout that could be put to good use in effecting socially responsible change.

Unlike large corporations, Apex Medical Communications Inc. must approach the problem of sustainability implementation through the eyes of a small business entity. To that end, Apex has made their sustainability policies available on our web site. In addition, Apex has committed itself to two sustainability goals for 2020:

Energy Reduction

Telecommuting is the practice of working at home or at a site near the home instead of physically traveling to a central workplace. It is a work alternative that Apex Medical Communications, Inc. offers to employees when it would benefit both the organization and the employee. Since all employees of Apex Medical Communications commute to work by car, telecommuting is a way to reduce transportation related emissions and carbon dioxide. The goal of Apex Medical Communications, Inc. is to increase telecommuting by 20% from baseline year.

Workforce Injury and Illness Reduction

The health and safety of our employees is the highest priority at Apex Medical Communications Inc. To assist in providing a safe and healthful work environment for employees, customers, and visitors, Apex Medical Communications, Inc. will established a workplace safety program. This program is a top priority for Apex Medical Communications, Inc. The Human Resources Department has responsibility for implementing, administering, monitoring, and evaluating the safety program; but its success depends on the alertness and personal commitment of all. To this end, the goal of Apex Medical Communications, Inc. is to maintain work related recordable incidence rates to 2.0 or less incidents per year (13.33/100 employees).

We provide our clients with confidence that our speaker programs are compliant with corporate, state, federal, and industry guidelines.
  • Implementing events that correspond to the latest state-by-state legislation
  • Acknowledging and recording value exchanges at all faculty events
  • Assuring speaker compliance with fees and travel parameters
  • Following corporate HCP reporting requirements

Human Rights Principles

We strive to respect and promote human rights in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Our aim is to help increase the enjoyment of human rights within the communities in which we operate. Our Human Rights Policy is a cornerstone in these endeavors.

Our Human Rights Policy reflects an in-depth global consultation on the salient human rights risks of the Company, which are the most severe potential impacts associated with our business. It includes the following eight components:
  • Respect for Human Rights
  • Community and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Safe and Health Workplace
  • Workplace Security
  • Work Hours, Wages and Benefits
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Guidance and Reporting for Employees
It is every employee's responsibility to maintain a work environment that reflects respect for human rights and is free from all discrimination and harassment, aligned with our Human Rights Policy. If any employee believes that someone is violating the Human Rights Policy and/or the law, they are asked to report it immediately to their manager or Human Resources.

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